How Pinterest Saved My Marriage

The Big House – I wanted to cut and run and my husband wanted to stay. The time and money we poured into the house exhausted me. The very thought of moving again exhausted him.

Russell just wasn’t getting it. And I wasn’t getting why he wasn’t getting it. He loved the house and we were fine financially so why move? Yes, we were fine – supporting the house and saving at a good clip for retirement. But, there couldn’t be any extras unless we wanted to run up our credit card, which we didn’t. Our talks usually ended up in arguments. It didn’t help that at one point during a heated discussion Russell answered a phone call from Mark at Off Grid Shelters. He was responding to my online inquiry about building a new house. Oops.

Although I didn’t know exactly where we would end up if we moved, I kept asking him “if we didn’t have this house to support, what would that feel like? What could we do with that money? How would our lives be different?” Around the same time I created a Pinterest Board called ‘Livin’ Little So We Can Live Large!’ I invited Russell to follow it.  I pinned a few pictures of cute little houses and nifty house hacks to make small houses work.  I added pictures depicting family vacations and early retirement/financial independence and wrote my comments directly to Russell.

I pinned more and talked less. I stopped bugging Russell about the idea of moving.  He loved where we were and I had to respect that our opinions on this topic might never match up. If he was so committed maybe I was the one who needed to change my thinking. Then, the craziest thing happened.  He started pinning, too, and commenting on my pins.

The conversation continued with pins, not words, and then one evening he said to me “I would really love to rent a castle in Ireland for a family vacation.”

The conversation continued on Pinterest and also in real life. Baby steps.

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